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Media set locked status issues in Retrospect 12.0.0

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We have experienced an issue where the locked status of a tape media set that was created by performing a new media backup will differ from the locked status of the previous media set. In our case, the original media set was set to "Remember password for any access" but the new media set had the status "Remember password for scripted access."


This issue is exacerbated by the fact that the console does not update properly when the status of the media set is changed from the unlocked status of "Remember password for any access" to either of the two locked statuses, "Remember password for scripted access" or "Do not remember password for access."




The media set still appears to be unlocked, allowing one to view members and perform actions until the console has been quit and relaunched. The engine appears to recognize the change in status immediately, because if one changes the media set's status multiple times, the member capacity bug reported here will ratchet up by multiple jumps. Interestingly, the ratcheted member capacities are updated immediately even though the media set's status itself does not update.


If the console shows the media set as being locked and one then unlocks the media set, that change of status will immediately be reflected in the console.

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