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Copy Backups script copies too many files

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We had an issue in Retrospect 12.0.0 (213) where a Copy Backup script set to match files in the source and destination media sets, and to not add duplicates, nonetheless copied many files that were already in the media set. The Copy Backup script was configured to copy a single selected backup using the All Files rule. Here are the relevant details:


On April 2, we created a new tape media set, "B-2." Also on April 2, source "Vic" was backed up to disk media set "C;" this was the last backup from that source to that media set.


Over the intervening days, additional tape members were added to set B-2; member 3 was added on April 4.


On April 5, a Copy Backup script ran, configured to copy the most recent backup of each source from disk media set C to tape media set B-2. According to the log, the April 2 backup of Vic was copied at that time.


On April 6, a backup was performed from source Vic to tape media set B-2.


My intention today was to get the most recent files from set B-2 to set C, running the script described at the beginning of this post. If the matching had proceeded properly, only a few hundred files from tape member 3 should have been copied. Instead, Retrospect requested tape member 1 and proceeded to copy tens of thousands of files comprising many GB.

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