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Adding/Restoring Media Set

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Mac OS 10.9.2


Running a trial of Retrospect 11. I've installed Retrospect 11 on a clean install of Mavericks. I restored all the Application Support files from a previous install of Retrospect 9 (from the same machine's previous Snow Leopard OS). Retro 11 picked up all my Retro 9 settings, catalogs, media sets, etc. So far, so good. I've even ran a large backup, everything's working.


But for some reason I inadvertently deleted two of my four previous Media Sets. I was doing some house cleaning and got a little carried away, I guess...


So the documentation describes how to add an existing Media Set. I was able to restore the catalog of the deleted set to its default location, no problem there. But when I click the Locate button on the Media Sets Tool Bar, two of the local machine's volumes do not appear in the resulting dialog box. Other local volumes do. And one of the missing volumes is the OS boot drive, where Retrospect's Application Support folder resides. Hence, I cannot "Locate" the catalog I want to add!


What's up with that?

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Oops, I may have just answered my own question. I just rechecked the Locate Media Set's dialog and one of the missing local volumes is now there. I'm still missing the boot drive, which has the catalog I'm trying to locate, but I now have a clue. I'm currently running a script that is backing up the two "missing" local drives. The script just finished one of the drives, and that drive showed up in the dialog. Perhaps when the script is finished, I'll find the missing boot drive in the Locate Media Set's dialog, too.

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