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bootable external backup in Panther

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Goal: To create a bootable backup on external F/W hard drive.


Running Retrospect 6.0.178 in Mac S 10.3.4 on iBook G3 600 Mhz 620 MB RAM.


Ran Duplicate script using Selector “all files except cache files” to backup set on Micronet external F/W drive, with the “Ignore ownership on this volume” checkbox DE-selected.


Result: Mac will not boot from this external Duplicate backup on external F/W H.D.


Suggestions about how to get bootable external backup will be much appreciated.


Thanks, Paul

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Step 1: Conferm that your hardware configuration supports the booting you're looking for. Do this by installing a clean system from CD.


Step 1a: Use CarbonCopyCloner to duplicate your existing boot drive; compare and contrast results with your Retrospect experience.



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Thanks for the suggestions.


Actually I found a simple fix, which was to run Repair Permissions (Disk Utility) on the Duplicate backup on the external HD, and that fixed it so it would boot (I had run Repair Permissions on the source drive, but didn’t initially think of running it on the Duplicated HD).


Guess you could generalize to “when in doubt, run Repair Permissions--everywhere!” Don’t know if this could help others.


Thanks again, Paul

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