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How to backup User data on a Mac?

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I have a Windows site running Retro 8.5 with a couple of Mac Clients.

We have the Macs Clients installed and configured (Mac 10.5 Client).

I created a backup script for the Macs using the Default "Documents & Settings" Selector which appears to have some selectors for Mac Type User Data, expecting it to back up the User data & prefs

The script runs, creates a snapshot, but no data is backed up. (Empty Sessions)


I have further tested some variations of Mac Specific Selector items like :-

"Mac OS9/OSX Path of Folder ends with :Users:, Matching case" and then run a check against my Mac clients. Nothing gets selected.

If I use Universal selectors like Folder Name Contains "Users" then folders are selected on the Mac Clients.


The docs don't seem to have any specific explanations of the Mac Selectors.


Can anyone point me in the right direction


While we are on the subject of Macs I have a site with an old Power Mac G5 PPC system which is still working fine. I have installed the latest PPC Mac client I could find (Retrospect Client for OSX 6.3.029 (for 10.5)) which seems to work OK.

Is this the correct approach for sites with PPC Macs and Retro 8 or 9 for Windows Server?


Thanks a mill

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