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Remove client or folders from backset


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Unfortunately you cannot manually manipulate the contents of a backupset, nor would you want to.

Retrospect implements a kind of Single Instance Storage whereby identical files are only stored once, and then referenced. If your retired client was one of several clients targeting the same backupset, it is entirely possible that some if its files may be referenced by other clients.

If you keep your backups for a certain period or number and then groom your backup set, the files of your retired client will eventually be groomed out of the backup set.


ANother approach would be to use the "Transfer Backups" functionality.

Create a new script > Transfer Snapshots > Select you Backupset > Transfer Options - Check Selected Snapshots.

You may need to click "Add Snapshots" to access all the snapshots in the backupset.

No go through the list of snapshots and select all those EXCEPT the ones for your retired Client.

Create New BackupSet to receive the snapshots

Set options

Run Script. This will now transfer all the selected snapshots, and their associated files to the New Backupset.

Now Modify your normal backup Scripts to point to the Bew Backupset.


This should achieve your objective, except that during the process you will need additional disk space of roughly the size of your backupset.


Hope this helps

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