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Backing up to Windows Server via AFP

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I have Retrospect Desktop installed on 2 Macs running OS X.3.4 set to back up to an AFP volume on a Windows 2003 server. I'm having problems getting the volume to automount. I'm convinced that I am setting it up correctly. Sometimes when setting it up, it actually does work when I do the script check. On one of the systems I was absolutely convinced it worked properly, because the script check ran fine several times. However, looking at the log, it showed several -43 errors, which means it couldnt find the location of the backup set. This is on the computers of 2 lawyers, so I can't have access to them unless I specifically schedule times, and calling tech support to go over it with them on the phone has me waiting over an hour to get someone live, time I don't have. Is anyone else having these issues? Can Dantz provide some kind of response to this?

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Can Dantz provide some kind of response to this?



Note that this is a user-helping-user community forum, not Dantz technical support (which surprises me to hear has an hour wait time for users who are paying for the call). As such, you need to provide all your relevant information regarding your issue before anyone will be able to chime in.


Since you say that you are convinced that you are setting it up correctly, please describe how you have set it up.


Retrospect runs as a root process. When it mounts a volume, it does so with root's user ID. But if the volume has already been mounted by a user in the Finder, Retrospect will not see its contents.


- Is this volume dedicated to Retro storage, or is it also mounted and used by the computer user?



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