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Some problems with version 9.01

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I just wanted to report on some problems that have occurred since we upgraded to 9.01.


1. Grooming   This weekend we groomed about 20 backup sets. This usually went normally in version 8.5. But in this case 4 of them failed. The error said we needed to rebuild the catalog. Yet when I did a simple repair there were no errors. In two cases, even after rebuilding the catalog the grooming failed.


2. Transferring Backup Snapshots   The counter on the number of snapshots to do never updates. I am running one now and after 12 hours it still says it is doing 1 of 232. Several other transfers I did this weekend were still on '1' when they finished. In addition the speed seems extraordinarily slow. In the past these transfers would run at from 700M/s to 2400M/s. The one I am presently running is going at 4M/s


3. Transferring SQL snapshots    For our offsite backup we normally transfer the most recent snapshot to an external disk which is then stored in a bank vault. When transferring backup snapshots none of the SQL backups will copy. I have been forced to do a separate backup of those SQL databases to the offsite disk which is a nuisance.

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