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Block Level Backup - What's Being Compressed Here


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In the following log the file count suggests that no files are being backed-up using Block Level Backup but the compression figure suggest that some files are:

-    2014-03-18 18:00:00: Copying Gemma Windows 7 Professional (C:)...
            Backing up 0 out of 5 files using block level incremental backup, storing full backups for remaining 5.
        2014-03-18 18:04:51: Snapshot stored, 188.2 MB
	2014-03-18 18:05:20: Execution completed successfully
            Completed: 112 files, 2.8 GB, with 29% compression
            Performance: 2425.2 MB/minute
            Duration: 00:05:19 (00:04:09 idle/loading/preparing)

The target backup set is a disk backup set stored on a NAS and software file compression is off.

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