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Using retrospect 7.7 with 64bit Windows7


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I am currently trying to set up a new hard drive, intending to dual boot windows 7 and 8.1.


After I had installed both versions of Windows (with a multitude of updates for Win 7) and verified that they were both working OK, I thought that I was going well.


Then I decided it was time to back up my current state of progress with Win 7, and ran Retrospect 7.7 to create a disk backup set and a full duplicate.


While running the duplicate, I was alarmed to see that Retrospect was copying far fewer files than I knew to be in the source volume.  When I compared the final results, I saw that the Windows folder in the duplicate was only 14.4GB, compared with the 23.2 GB folder in the source. 


Although my duplicate was clearly useless, I still hoped that the backup set would be OK.  Sadly, after restoring from the backup set I got a BSOD when I tried to reboot.


So my queries are fairly simple -


Is there any way in which Retrospect 7.7 can be used to back up the 64 bit version of Windows 7?


Does  Retrospect 8 handle 64 bits without any similar problems?


TIA for any knowledgeable response. 

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Hi Scillonian -


No I didn't make any notes of the BSOD.  I couldn't tell you anything more than the colour.  :-)


However, as far as my queries are concerned - I have now downloaded a trial copy of Retrospect 9, and that seems to cure my problems.


With R9, I duplicated from my new Win7 64bit partition to a copy partition, then reduplicated from that copy back to my original partition.  After the double-duplicate test I was able to boot from the original partition without any difficulty, so I now consider my experiences with version 7.7 as past history.  I will soon be forking out for a more modern version of Retrospect.

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