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Retrospect does not recover from 'waiting for media'


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I am a long time user of Retrospect (currently running Retrospect 8.5 under 64-bit Windows 7) but have only recently started to run all my backup activity as scheduled jobs. This usually runs without a problem but on two occasions I have received a notification email from Retrospect to tell me that a job was "waiting for media". These were not unexpected warnings, as I had temporarily switched off the NAS that was the target of the backup. I was expecting Retrospect to resume the scheduled backup job as soon as the NAS became available again.


However, on both occasions this job remained stuck in limbo and prevented any future jobs from running. The Activity Monitor told me the job was "executing" even though nothing useful was actually happening. To make matters worse, there was no obvious way for me to open Retrospect. Every attempt to do so simply took me back to the Activity Monitor (what a previous poster has referred to as a 'useless window').


I renamed retromonitor.exe and rebooted as advised in that earlier post and got a message about Retrospect already running. This message told me that if I wanted to open that other session then I should click OK and wait a bit. I clicked OK and waited. And waited. And waited.


At this point, I gave up and used Windows Task Manager to kill the Retrospect.exe process (though this wasn't visible until I clicked on the 'Show processes from all users' button). I was then able to open Retrospect in the normal manner. The job that had been in limbo then started automatically without any problems.


Needless to say, this is not an acceptable situation. Retrospect should be able to recover from a 'waiting for media' situation without any user intervention as soon as the target media comes back on line. Before I report this as a bug has anyone else hit this problem and found a solution?



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