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Past backups still don't always display


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Retro 10 greatly improved the communication between the console and the engine, such that media set and past backup information is more consistently updated and displayed correctly. However, even with Retro 10.5 (145), past backups occasionally will not display correctly.


For example, today, in checking the Past Backups list, I noticed that the backups associated with two scripts that ran last night did not display in the window. As expected, they were also missing from the Backups pane in the Media Sets window for the relevant media set. 


In the past, this failure to update could most often be corrected by relaunching the console app or by initiating a new backup operation. However, in this version of Retrospect, relaunching the console not only fails to update the list of past backups, it also causes the console to lose track of ALL the backups associated with the applicable media set. Nothing from that media set will appear in either the Past Backups window or the media set's Backups pane.


Running a backup to a different media set will not force an update. However, simply initiating and canceling a backup to the applicable media set will cause the past backups from that media set to display correctly.


This failure is uncommon but persistent; it's appeared perhaps a half dozen times since we updated to 10.5. The fact that the console most often updates and displays the correct past backups information suggests that there had been more than one cause for the failure to update. Clearly, much has been fixed, but something else is still not quite right.

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