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Backing up your OSX System

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My goal is to have a backup of my OSX System. So that if it ever craps out, I'll be able to restore.


I have a G5 with an internal DVD/CD burner and an external firewire CD burner. This is what I've discovered. My Mac will not boot from the external firewire drive. I recently upgraded to Retrospect 6.


If my computer goes belly up (the OS dies), I want to be able to restore the OS.. The CD that comes with Retrospect is bootable. BTW, it takes almost 10 minutes to boot. What is it with OSX boot cds taking forever to load??


Anyway, the problem is that while I can boot from my Retrospect CD, while it sits in my internal drive, I can't eject that disk. Since the internal drive is also my DVD drive, I can't access my backups made to DVD. However, while booted off the Retrospect CD, I can see my external firewire CD drive. What this means is that for OS backups, I may have to backup my OS partition to multiple CDs? Or is there a way to access the DVD backup as I've described?


Is there an option to create a bootable DVD disk for restoration purposes? DVDs are nice in that one disk handles the backup instead of multiple CDs.


When I try to backup my OSX System to CD-RWs, I get a message about dirty heads, media, faulty drive, etc. But I found that it will write to CD-Rs. This is consistant. Can't Retrospect write to CD-RWs? It would be nice to be able to backup CD-RWs and not have to burn through new disks.


Overall, what is the best solution for backing up your OSX System?




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