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10.5. looses connection to clients

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I have 10.5.0 (145)  running on a Mac (10.8.5) backing up several servers. One server is on 10.6 and has the 10.5 client installed. It works most of the time but at a certain point in time, the scheduled script simply can't find the client anymore. 


The work around this problem is to re-locate the source (Locate button) and suddenly, Retrospect finds the server again and starts working properly.


Any idea what could trigger this "client not found" crap? I mean, using "Locate" can locate the server, can access it and once done, RS suddenly finds the "not found client" again. No changes to the server, no network hiccups, nothing. Something is fishy, methinks.  Hints much appreciated.


Thanks in advance



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It sounds like you might be maxing out the network card's bandwidth on the  server.  If another program is using the network adapter while Retrospect is trying to connect to the server it can throw this error.  I always make sure that there are no programs trying to use the network adapter while Retrospect is backing up the client.

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Thanks for the idea. Wouldn't RS then continue to backup the same client, if in the next backup cycle the network card isn't maxed out? In my experience, RS throws a client not found error (error -530 ( backup client not found))  and then subsequently can't access the client at all. Not even to define new favorites on the HD or something the like.

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