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email notification failures

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Retrospect windows 8 latest often is failing to send email notifications. Not reliable at all. Very sporadic.


When will this be fixed?


I am charter which is a national cable company, surely it should work fine. I have $50 FTP programs that do fine on notification. We have thousands invested here and it's very frustrating that this feature is not reliable.


What can you tell me? What is the most reliable set up? Gmail? What is the best smtp server if I use gmail.




--Randy Starkey

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With the release of Retrospect 8.2 a feature was added to email notifications to reduce/suppress duplicate notifications over a 24 hour period. In my Proactive Backup setup this has the effect of only sending me one successful backup notification every 24 hours regardless of how many successful backups have run.


Could this be what is causing your problems? As far as I know there is no way to control this feature.



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John I'm not sure but I don't think so. It has sent me notifications of every completed script normally but didn't yesterday. I really need it to notify me when any script completes. I wasn't aware of any limitation on that for notifications. I average 4 scripts every 24 hours but they are all different scripts. It acts more like Retrospect is just skipping notifications randomly.Thanks.

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I have a Proactive Backup script and a Duplicate script that run daily. The Proactive Backup script will only send a success email once during its active period each day regardless of how many clients are backed-up. Although this is not ideal it is in line with Retrospect's policy on duplicate emails.*


The Duplicate script runs at the same time each day after the Proactive Backup script and duplicates the catalog file for the Backup set used by the Proactive Backup script to the NAS where the backup set files are. An email notification is sent most days but two or three are missed each week.


* What I feel would be a better solution for Proactive Backup scripts would be an email for each clients that is backed-up giving details of which client has been backed-up instead of the current email which only gives the name of the script.

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