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Retro Client error (after power failure) "wrong client"

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After recovering from a power failure, starting Retrospect, I found that backup to one of the two clients in my script hadn't been being backup even before the power failure because of a client issue. On further investigation (trying to locate or refresh the client's IP Retro gave the following error (Log): 

Can't access volume BubbaMac 500GB on BubbaMacPro, error -525 ( wrong client found at that address)
11/8/2013 23:38:37 : Execution incomplete
Total performance: 2,476.3 MB/minute
Total duration: 00:08:32 (00:02:42 idle/loading/preparing)
+ Normal backup using Daily Laptops at 11/9/2013 (Activity Thread 1)
To Backup Set Laptops Backup_V10...
- 11/9/2013 6:02:57 : Copying GenieMBP HD on GenieMBP
Using Instant Scan
11/9/2013 6:20:27 : Snapshot stored, 478.2 MB
11/9/2013 6:20:39 : Execution completed successfully
Remaining: 1 files, 0 B
Completed: 1011 files, 1.2 GB
Performance: 207 MB/minute
Duration: 00:17:42 (00:11:54 idle/loading/preparing)

NetAddrTop::NetRemember: Duplicate name error. Client "BubbaMacPro" will not be added.
* BubbaMacPro: forgotten from client database
* BubbaMacPro: added to client database



I forgot, re-added the client as shown. The backup proceeded normally. However this is not the first time I've had client address conflicts recently, even though the addreses have not physically changed. I use a dedicated IP address pin my router (Apple Airport Extreme Bas Station) for both wired (2) and wireless (2) clients. Any suggestions? 


My workaround in this case was to both forget the client AND change the IP (physically another port on the desktop wired machine) to see if the address remains connected this time. Can someone also please explain the meaning of the last three log entries and what clues they may provide from the log entry snapshot taken while the backup to that client was running? 




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