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Retro 10.5 faster but perhaps less stable?


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Has anyone experienced less stability w/ Retrospect 10.5 vs 10.2 and earlier, particularly w/ the Engine itself? I've had to restart it to get it to proceed w/ Proactive scripts, and worse, several times it has stopped responding completely. In these cases, the Console cannot "see" the server, and using launchctl at command line or trying to toggle w/ Sys Prefs fails. I have to force quit the RetroEngine process.


Anyone else seeing this or similar?




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For me, retro 10.2 was dead-on-upgrade -- totally useless. On the other hand, 10.5 works fine. And so far it's been very stable.


One improvement I noticed: in 10.5, retroISA finally works properly.  Before 10.5, the retroISA process created a steady background load on my hard drive (it read 1-2 megs/sec almost constantly). Furthermore, backups actually took longer when ISA was enabled. As a result, before 10.5. I always disabled ISA. With 10.5 and ISA, backups take 10-20% less time.


   - Wendy

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