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Updating clients without allowing file changes


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I always leave "Allow Retrospect to change files on my system" turned off.  I very rarely restore a file, and when I do, I restore it to the server harddisk and then transfer it to the client.  I don't want Retrospect mucking with files on the client.  If I ever have to restore something seriously, I will be happy to spend the time turning on the preference for that restore.


But!  I want to be able to update the clients, which you can't do with this preference turned on.  It seems to me this is a very overloaded meaning of "change files" and "update client" - these are very very different actions, and deserve independent preferences (I imagine also there are people who want the reverse of mine, allowing changing of files without allowing remote changes to the client).


So please add to the todo list splitting that preference into two independent preferences, so I can allow clients to be easily updated without allowing Retrospect to restore files to the clients per se.



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