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Software managed generations?

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Hello All!


Longtime Retro user here. But, I have never discovered any mechanism in Retro for Mac to help with the management of backups -- maybe I'm missing something, or maybe this is a feature request.


I always backup to file. I am basically looking for auto rotation of these backups (perhaps three generations), by time (rotate every week?), and by location of the Media Set.


Let me know!





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Without a few more details, it's not clear what you mean by "auto rotate" and "location."


With regular scheduled backups, you can specify which media set will be the destination for a given period of time. It's very easy to create a schedule even in a single script that will rotate through different media sets on a week by week basis (or according to some other repeating interval). 


If you are running proactive backups, backups will be rotated through whatever media sets that are listed as destinations in the script and are available at the time. You could create a schedule arrangement with multiple proactive scripts that would enable you to rotate among media sets on a partial-week basis by using different active times for each script. The only way you could rotate through media sets a whole week at a time with proactive scripts would be to manually take the undesired media set(s) offline.

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