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Can this information be made useful?

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I have a verify on a disk media set that failed.  Here is the log:



+ Executing Verify at 9/24/13 (Activity Thread 1)
To Backup Set v9_Virtue2...
!Generated MD5 digest for file "/Volumes/VirtueHD/private/var/servermgrd/sessions/root@iYzfWhWOyfB9evtbRJbQhVJTgslsnV9L-admin" does not match stored MD5 digest.
1 files were not verified
9/24/13 4:07:04 PM: 2 execution errors
Remaining: 1216 files, 2.1 GB
Completed: 471689 files, 35.6 GB
Performance: 4,092 MB/minute
Duration: 00:09:31 (00:00:36 idle/loading/preparing)


Is there any way to determine which backup contains this presumably damaged/missing file, without trying restores on every backup?


If I do a restore from this set, Will Retro tell me that it "lost" this file?  I have never seen an error indicating this sort of thing, despite seeing analogous errors on tape sets that should have complained.


(By the way - why does it report 2 errors?  I only see one....)

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