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So, don't do this with Retrospect 10.5 (a warning about a rare occurence...)

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So, this happened to me, don't let it happen to you...


Through a unique set of circumstances, I believe I did the following:


Mac engine upgraded to 10.5 -- worked fine and running concurrent backups as normal.


One Windows 8 client -- with the Retro 8.1 client installed -- had been off-line for about a month, so I turned it on to update it to the Retro 8.5 client.



I *think* -- when the client computer was on-line -- the engine snagged it for a proactive backup.


And while that activity was running (not sure at what point), I manually installed the 8.5 client over the 8.1 client (with no apparent problems.)



This caused the engine to stop working.  I could no longer log into the console and no other backups were running after about an hour so I had to stop the engine (the 10-minute stop)


(I sent in a bunch of logs and a spin dump).    I can't say this is a *new* bug with 10.5, either, but more an example of an extremely rare set of circumstances.



What to take from this?   Don't manually update a client that is currently being backed up.   That will confuse the engine...


- Steve

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