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10.2 update - can't connect to and all my sidebar stuff is missing

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I just downloaded the 10.2 update, but the updater had a problem extracting the update and asked me to try again. Retrying resulted in successful installation, however, when I go into Retrospect, all I see in the left hand sidebar is  Nothing there to reflect my previous setup with various scripts and backups, although those files are still present in Application support in the System Library.


The server never connects. I removed it, quit Retro and restarted. I clicked to install the Retrospect Engine on my machine and then shows up in the sidebar, and we are back to continuously spinning "Connecting..." indicator. And I am dead in the water.


It would be nice if I could just access my previous backups and get on with my life. Any suggestions?

I respectfully suggest that people who have not upgraded consider waiting until this issue is resolved/addressed. I can't do anything with Retrospect right now.





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Do you make backup copies of the retrospect config files (in particular /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/Config80.dat)?


If not, you could try copying the Config80.bak file in that folder to Config80.dat?


I upgraded to 10.2 without any problems like this. Suggesting that no-one should upgrade because of an issue that you're having might be over-reaching.

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None of the Files in Application support seemed to be missing, Retrospect just wasn't noticing them. I noticed someone else had a similar problem and what I ended up doing was:

- remove by right clicking and selecting remove from the contextual menu

- click on the "+" button at the bottom of the left hand sidebar. Sometimes doing this would present the option to do something like "install server on this machine" or "upgrade server on this machine". Clicking that caused to reappear in the sidebar and continuous attempts to connect to it which are not successful.

- after doing this quit retrospect

- I did this a couple of times, once with a reboot in between going back into Retrospect

- Retrospect eventually seemed to connect quickly to and my sidebar then showed everything as it was prior to the upgrade.


My suggestion about upgrading would only be "over reaching" if I had the supreme power to *make* you do it. If you don't have a problem losing access to your backups, without a definite fix being available, it's a free country -- download and take your chances. In my book, that's uneccessarily risky if 10.1 was working for you without a hiccup. But there does seem to be a fix, so there is obviously less risk at this point.

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