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Past Backups Missing / groom settings forgotten immediately

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I have two pretty big issues at the moment with Retrospect v10.2.0 (201) with the server and console running on a Mac.


1) I cannot seem to restore or retrieve from past backups. Yesterday, a nightly script called 'A' ran and successfully (according to the Activities->Past section) backed up 30GB of files onto a disk media set where the members are on NFS mounts. The media set is only half full.

I tried testing to see whether I could restore a particular file from last night's script so I did the following:


Restore -> Restore selected files and folders


However, last night's backup is not listed. Nor are the backups from the night before or the night before that (which appear as successful in Activities->Past). I can choose from backups a few weeks ago.


Furthermore, when I went to the media set and looked at the list of backups, none of these recent backups were present. The media set lists four backups from weeks ago.


Moreover (!), these recent backups do not exist in the Past Backups section either, only in the Past section of Activities.


This is true not only for script A but for all my scripts and is extremely worrying (i.e. job-terminating worrying). The problem seems similar to this:




2) Retrospect does not let me set Grooming settings.


I select a media set and go in Options. Nothing is ticked even though I had configured grooming for every media set. I click on 'Groom to keep...', enter a number, and click Save. I then select a different media set and do the same. When I eventually go back to these media sets after a few other operations, all boxes are unchecked again.


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For problem #1 -- did you quit and restart the console?  I believe that the list of Past Backups does not refresh if you have left the console up and running continually (I think it only updates when the console is opened...)


Problem #2 -- I can't reproduce here on a new media set.   HOWEVER -- I have seen if you change the number of backups to keep on an existing set that has already been written to numerous times, an activity will run to change the catalog size to reflect how many backups you are keeping -- so it's possible that activity was running depending on what you were working with.

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Hi Maser,


Thanks for your reply.


Problem #1 - No, I had not restarted the console. I just did that now (also out of necessity for Problem #3 below) and this fixed the problem. Many thanks for telling me about this. This is still a horrible bug in the interface but at least I now know that my backups do exist.


Problem #2 -- I think this is different for me. None of my 39 media sets have remembered their grooming settings. Or at least, none of the radio buttons are selected on the options tab which seems like a huge model/view bug. Restarting the console did not help the situation.


Problem #3 -- I checked the console today and a script ran at 10pm last night. By 11.30am (13+ hours later), Retrospect had completed 91,914 files (9.5 GB) in its snapshot build of that server. That was the only activity currently running and it appeared to be stalled. When this happens, my only recourse is to stop the engine, restart the client on the backup source, and restart the engine. Before I stopped the engine, I stopped the script at 11.30am. It did not actually stop until two hours later at 1.35pm. 


This product is costing my company a lot of money in terms of the time I spend essentially banging the side of the TV to get the reception back. I am reaching out to cloud storage solutions to see how much they will cost instead. They may be more expensive in a naïve comparison to Retrospect but considering the overhead of the time I waste on maintenance and the time I would need to train somebody else on this buggy software if I left, I think we will save money in the long term.

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I would suggest rebuilding the catalog of at least one of your media sets and see if that fixes the problem of being unable to set the groom settings.


(However, I do not store anything on NFS mounts, so I can't speak to how well the program works when you put your disk media sets on one of those...)

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