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error -3402 unknow error ??????????????

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Once again retrospect has stopped backing up the mail boxes. I have made no changes to either the retrospect server or client or the rbu user... it is acting like a permissions problem to read the mail boxes. error 3402 ?????? I have not able to find any references to this error (however the mail boxes are not greyed out in volumes) they had been working fine for months so I thought that we had finally got this stable again. the version that i am on is 7.6.123 does anybody know why this will work for months then all of sudden it will fail and when it fails it stays failed until I remove the license and reapply the license. From what I am seeing in the forums that the new version doesn’t seem to be any better at consistently backing up exchange db’s and mailboxes. Anybody out there having good success backing up exchange consistently.

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