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(Retrospect 9) Consolidate two LTO-4 tapes back to a single tape?

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I have two a backup set that spans across two LTO-4 tapes. The data across these two tapes easily fits on a single tape, but because Retrospect is reporting "errors", it's now spanned across two tapes.


What's the best practice for consolidating the data from these two tapes back into a singe (new) tape, retaining all the catalog information, etc?




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You'll need to create a new tape media set. If you have access to two tape drives, you can then perform a Copy Media Set directly from the old tape media set to the new one. If, however, you have only one tape drive, you'll need to create an intermediate Disk Media Set and copy from the old tape set to disk and then from disk to the new tape set.


Given the potential hassles, you may prefer to put up with keeping the two tapes.

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