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Restoring a Catalog.


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Hello all,


The following issue we are having involves the catalog file/backupset withing Retrospect. First we have multiple servers and a NAS device as the main sotrage, Retrospect Client runs on a seperate desktop. Within Retrospect our daily backup has come to a halt, the Backup set cannot be located or found. We check the local disk drive where Retrospect keeps the catalogfile which we found but everytime we try to open or recreate the catalog whithin Retrospect same error appears that it cannot be found. Even though the local catalog file on the Retrospect client's desktop is intact. We search the NAS device for the missing .rbc file, whithin the NAS backup files we do not find the catalog file needed withing the NAS device to bridge the two servers for Retrospect to work properly. Simply the .rbc file is not within the NAS device files, so my question or concern is can we create/recreate a .rbc file within the NAS device which would bridge the connection between the NAS and its files with Retrospect client without losing any previous backups or files?




Also would like a recommendation for another small to mid-sized software to replace Retrospect if there is nothing we can do to fix this, quite a big flaw if we cant restore this file.




Windows Server 2003 SP2

Retrospect Version 7.6.111

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