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Retrospect version 7.6


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Just entered a new position at a company as Network Admin i am using a remote connections to access the files and server.

Here is my trouble in operations log i get the error.




" Can't access Backup Set "Backup Server name",error -1101 (File/directory not found).

I have found where the Backup Catalog physical file is which is next to another Backup Catalog file in the D Drive. When i double click on the one i want to open it redirects me Retrospect but nothing happens no error no page. Did the server name change, or the path to the server? I have tried everything just dont know where to begin or where to look.




Its using Windows Server 2003 SP2

It seems simple enough find where the server has changed and make it the same in Retrospecitve. I am somewhat of a novice so please be gentle i have not had much experiance with this system or program.


Thank you all in advance :lol:


Kyle Blevins

Network Administrator

Industrial Roofing Services Inc.

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