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Wrong version?

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I used to use a VXA tape drive to back up ProTools projects starting in 2001. I always used Retrospect. I upgraded to a VXA firewire drive around 2005. I stopped using the VXA drive to back up around 2008 and just started to back up to hard drives.


I upgraded my Mac a couple of years ago. I am running Lion. I wanted to get an old project out that I had backed up on the VXA drive back in 2002. I am using Retrospect 9 because it is the only version compatible with Lion. First off, I don't have the catalog for the VXA tape, it is buried on some old drive that I probably haven't used for 5 years. So I tried rebuilding the catalog. But retrospect gives a "wrong version" error. In searching on the forums it looks like Retrospect 9 won't read certain tapes if they are too old. Isn't that the point of backing up? You back up and you put them on the shelf if you ever need them in the future.


Now I need it but it seems like it will be impossible to restore these tapes unless I can find an old Mac running an old version of retrospect. Is this correct?

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