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Restoring from external disk


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I have a serve that uses retrospect 7.6. Backups are written to an external drive. i am attempting to do a restore to a different system using Retrospect 7.7, but the system is looking for a catalog file to do the restore. The catalog file obviously resides on the server being backed up.


If the server were to crash, is there a way to restore from the backup files on the external drive? Curerently, the external drive only contains backup files.


Thanks for any assistance.

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If you want to restore from a backup set and you don't have the catalog file available you must rebuild / recreate the catalog file from the backup set before restoring.

Personally I place the catalog file in a folder on the same external drive that I backup to, because rebuilding the catalog file often takes a long time.

On an older computer putting the catalog file on the same drive as the backup files can degrade performance of the backup. The backup will take longer.

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Thank you for the response. I attempted to rebuild the catalog from my backup disk, but Retrosoect is looking for files with either an rbf or rbc extension. The backup files on my drive have an extension of rdb.


Is this because I am attempting to restore files created in version 7.6 with retrospect 7.7?


I will certainly begin putting the catalog file on my external drive from this point forward.

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