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NAS Sources lost/offline after each backup (~)

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Newbie on here but not with Retrospect.

We have moved to a QNAP NAS server and I am using an iMac, OSX 10.6.8 as the server AND as a workstation.

My sources appear on the desktop as I log into them to access them using connect to server, afp://IPaddressofQNAP/sharedareas


I log into the QNAP NAS with afp://IPaddressofQNAP/sharedareas, using Sources-Add-Share to get the shared areas into retrospect to back up.

I have a backup drive on my desktop.


All works fine. I do one backup, then all then shared areas (there are four) then appear offline (~) this symbol next to source. I have to physically delete the sources and then reload the sources to make them appear online to make the backup work.


Is there a conflict with the shared areas? How can I get around this? (in laymans terms please)




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You are probably mounting the NAS share in Finder and then trying to mount it again in Retrospect, which will cause OS X to assign a different volume name to the second mount of the share. Retrospect will be looking for the share under the name it remembers instead of this new name, and will therefore think the share is offline. (See the post http://forums.retros...e-in-media-set/ for a complete explanation of why this happens.)


The solution is to be sure that the share is not mounted in Finder (or by any other application) when you want Retrospect to access the share for backup.

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Ah. I may still have the problem as my back up machine is also a workstation which needs to access the afp drives for files/data. Hence I can't log off the shared drives from the desktop.


So what I am saying is the mac I am using for daily work is logged onto the shared volumes to access files and data. If it was standalone I could use the workaround.

Are you saying I should log off the mount points before backing up?

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