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I'm a new user of Retrospect 6 for Mac OSX. I am using Versionb 6.0.178--Device Access Version 1.0.104 on a Powerbook. I am backin up to a Lacie triple interface hard drive via Firewire. I initially had a problem backin up to the hard drive because i had Microsoft Entourage (my browser) running in the background.After quitting that, I tried another backup and got the following messages (>>) in the log.



- 4/19/2004 11:48:52: Copying Macintosh HD…

4/19/2004 11:50:52: Comparing Macintosh HD…

>> File “system.log”: different data size (set: 341,166, vol: 341,281), path: “Macintosh HD/private/var/log/system.log”.

>> File “console.log”: different data size (set: 74,809, vol: 74,926), path: “Macintosh HD/private/var/tmp/console.log”.

4/19/2004 11:51:20: 2 execution errors.

Completed: 25 files, 175.3 MB

Performance: 159.2 MB/minute (101.0 copy, 375.4 compare)

Duration: 00:02:28 (00:00:16 idle/loading/preparing)

Is there anything I can do tofix these errors? Thank you-JBB

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These are system log files that have changed during backup, nothing to worry about or do about. The backup is fine, you just have copies of logfiles that are 2 min 28 sec old. wink.gif


You can find a longer answer to this if you search the forums.



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