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why can't retrospect see firewire drive

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- What type of Backup Set are you using?




In Mac OS 9, some hard disk drivers would identify fixed media drives to the OS as as removable. Since Retrospect takes this information from the OS, it was possible to use a Removable Disk type Backup Set with external hard drives.


In OS X the operating system is not fooled, and fixed platter devices are always correctly identified as such. So some users who upgraded from OS 9 to OS X and Retrospect 4.3 to 5.0 didn't see their drives in the Devices window as they used to.


With Retrospect 6, Dantz introduced the capability for FireWire/USB hard disk drives to be used as Removable Disks.


Under Configure>Backup Sets>New you'll see a note that says:


"To use FireWire/USB hard drives as removable disks go to Special>Preferences>Media Handling."


Checking the box there will cause your hard drive(s) to show up in the Devices window.


You'll have to be willing to allow Retrospect to erase the disk before its first use, although after that you can store other files on the drive if you want.


If you FW drive is a great deal larger then the amount of data you're looking to back up, you might investigate using File Backup Sets instead. Each method has benifits over the other.



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