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high CPU usage und no cuntinuous datatranfer to the streamer

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I thought bevore buying Retrospect 6 (the german version in my case) I'll take a try with the (english) trial version.


I've downloaded the Retrospect Server version, since I couldn't find a trial for the workgroup edition, but I don't think this makes any difference in my case.


I'm runnig it on a PM G4 dual 800 with 768 MB RAM and a acard scsicard (aec-6712tum) and Mac OS X 10.3.3

When I try to make backup from my harddisk to my smal tape-library (Quantum DLT 4500, attached to the scsi-card) everything starts fine, but retrospect, to be more precise the process Code:


eats up about 100% of one CPU, not nice, but I could life with that, if the tape drive won't start & stop every few secounds.


When large files are bacuped, movies for exampel, cirka every minute the tape stops (DRV RDY the library shows) and retrospect shows 'please wait' in the progress window.

But when smal files are copyed, the drive starts and stops every few secounds, which isn't good for the tape, for the drive and also not good for the performance.


Any hints?

or must I look for other software like BRU?

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Did you check to see if your SCSI host adapter is qualified for use with Retrospect?


Cards not listed are most likely to contribute to unacceptable behavior when Retrospect attempts to use SCSI devices.


The Page says:


Please consult with your SCSI Card vendor for SCSI adapter compatibility with Panther




and acard say it will work fine (i can burn cds with no problems, an all hardware is recongniced properbly..)

Adaptec would have been my first choice, but two lines later there was this 'nice' warning that they won't work at the moment ... frown.gif

And other cards my dealer couldn't send me.

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After searching again in the forum , I thought that this problem might be related to other problems described:


Eating up so many CPU-Time



Same here, I think the reason are the many start & stomarks (retrospect gues less than 20 GB Space on a 20/40GB DLT-tape [11,x used, 8,y free] with hardware compresion)


An no specially relatet to tape-drives:




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Today I've tested BRU, the GUI ist ugly, it has the same start&stop-Problem as Retrospect when copying lots of small files, maybe my disk gets too slow in such a situation. (Might it be a good Idee to implement a RAM-Cache like CD bruning software hast Toast for exampel? This should help to deliver a steady stream with 1,5-3 MB/s to the streamer)


An other thing I saw was, that BRU uses less CPU-Time (about 20%, while retrospect was using more than 80%).


So I think (and hope) the people can improve retrospect, but it'll be my choice in the next days.

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