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Bad backup set header found

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I've decided to update some of my Archive tapes by unarchiving, then rearchiving in Retro 6. Verification gives me "bad backup set header found" errors. Can somebody tell me what is going on? I've tried multiple tapes and get the same error on the same files.




Retro 6 on 10.3.3 using latest driver. Everything is current.

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Short version: your archive may be unreadable!



Long version


What is your tape device? How is it connected? If via SCSI, what type of SCSI adaptor?


Are you seeing these errors when you perform an explicit Verify?

On the original archives or on the new archives?


It would be useful to copy some of the error messages from the log, especially some errors showing the "same errors on the same files" as this sounds odd.

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