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file backup set, new media and incremental

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I have a backup server script with a file backup set as its destination. Periodically a backup script runs to "new media". My problem is the backup to the newly created file backup set is full rather than incremental. I have to be doing something dumb. This seems like the classic strategy to me. What am I missing?


I've also tried setting the options "set folder backup date" and "set file backup date" along with a "modification date >= backup date" selector. That gets really odd. Most of the time it doesn't seem to matter but sometimes it does??? I can't figure out why. Is there something flakey about setting backup dates in Panther?


I have a desktop with 500+ GB and two Powerbooks with 80GB. The PBs aren't always online and/or local so doing full backups everytime I create new media means they'll probably never finish.

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