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Duplicating boot drive when file vaulted

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For some reason, I must continue using Retrospect Express 5 rather than version 6 to duplicate my PowerBook's boot drive. Version 6 WILL NOT duplicate a home folder that has been encrypted with Panther's File Vault. I am running OS 10.3.2 with File Vault enabled and I regularly duplicate my boot disk to an external firewire hard drive.


Question 1.


Why was the duplicate feature with File Vault enabled disabled for version 6? This is a step backward. Version 5 makes perfect, bootable OS X partitions even when File Vault is enabled.


Question 2.


Is there a workaround that will enable me to duplicate my boot disk with Retrospect 6 while File Vault is enabled? Version 6 is much faster and this is one reason I upgraded from Retrospect Expresss.

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