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OS10.2 folders restored to 10.3 with bad permissions

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I am trying to migrate from a 10.2.6 Xserve to a second panther server. First I exported the users and groups. On my OS 10.2.6 server, using Retro 6.0 on a Mac OS X box, using the Retor client I backed up the Xserve disk that contains my user folders. I know the permissions on the backup are correct because I tested a restore to a test 10.2.6 server. Then I created a 10.3 server and imported the users and groups which I exported from the 10.2.6. They look OK using Workgroup Manager. Finally, I restored the user folders on the second hard drive. The permissions on those user folders come up as "unknown" ownership. They all have ownership by a 4-digit UID, while the users I imported all have a 6-digit UID. The folks at Apple support are telling me that the problem must be with Retrospect.

Any idea what is going on here? Why are my permissions all screwed up?


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