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Retrospect 6 crashes on launch

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I don't think that Audio Hijack is a Haxie. It's just an application; it doesn't install anything anywhere (so I don't think it's active when it's not running).


I have Audio Hijack (not Audio Hijack Pro) 2.1, and it does not interact with Retrospect 6.0 on my 10.3.2 machine. Which is a good thing, since it's a _great_ program.



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I have not seen crashes at launch, but have had issues with Retro hanging up in various operations phases on a DP G5 2GHz box. Sometimes it hangs suring a scan, other times i have had it hang after it completed a BU and the tape, AIT-2, retentioned itself.

I am using a UL3D with the latest drivers from Atto. Ironically it worked great for about two weeks before any issues came up and no other software was added during that time.

Any remedies?


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