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Error -1019 Not Enough Resources


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I am wondering if anyone else has come across this issue.


A customer's RAID server completely failed recently where all the data was backed up to a 500Gb Firewire external drive attached to an XP Pro SP3 workstation (2Gb RAM). I have rebuilt the server in a RAID6 configuration and retrieved all the data successfully. The data retrieval process (Retrospect Pro 6.5.343) took nearly a week however owing to the continuous incremental backups that had been run since setup 4 years ago.


Since the reinstatement of the server I upgraded Retrospect to version 6.5.382 on the backup workstation and repartitioned the attached external Firewire drive into two equal partitions in order to setup two separate 4-week backup cycles each starting with a recycle backup followed by twice daily incremental backups. The objective being to avoid such a lengthy recovery process should the server completely fail again.


The scheduled initial recycle backup ran without a glitch, however the incremental backups are failing and the following notifications are received:


Script mcaBackupRotation2_Wk1_DayEnd: waiting for media


followed after 20 minutes by:


>From Retrospect: Script "mcaBackupRotation2_Wk1_DayEnd" failed during automatic execution, error -1204 (user didn't respond). Please launch Retrospect and check the log for details.


When I go to log onto the computer the computer is found to be locked. I then log into the admin account and am presented with the following error message:



Script mcaBackupRotation2_Wk1_Lunch: This script is not ready.

Can't access volume mca_Data on <IP address>, error -1019 (not

enough resources).


It appears that the program is unable to access the second partition of the external drive to complete the backup which I do not understand as the drive is always accessible when logged on and has always been accessible albeit as a non-partitioned volume in the past.


The subsequent error shows the computer can no longer access the server volumes to be backed up by the next scheduled script.


The only thing that can be done at this point is to restart the computer otherwise the machine completely locks up and requires a forced reboot/shutdown. Once the computer is rebooted the failed script will run without a hitch when launched manually. A total of 8 server volumes incrementally backed up in 18 minutes this morning.


Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

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