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Backup Media Full in Retrospect but Free Space available


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I've had this issue for a while now where retrospect says that the media is full but there's an actual space left. The work around that I used before is to add that free space once again by creating another folder within the drive. But it's annoying and I believe it's not best practice.


Anyone have this issue and found a solution? I'm using Retrospect 7.7.620 in Windows 2008 r2 x64. This is from a recently rebuilt catalog file.

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What have you limited your backupset size to?


If you've reached your backup set limit, it will ask you to create a new backup set If this happens while a backup is in progress, the backup set will be locked, so you won't be able to modify the current backup set. Your options are:


1) Create a new/second backup set which will be used in conjunction with the first one - this requires a new location/folder as you mentioned above.


2) Stop the current backup operation. Then expand your initial backup set to a larger size ((To check the size, double click your backup set, move to the members tab and then you can expand or shrink the amount of space dedicated to the backup set as needed).


If you are using automated grooming, then it should be grooming up new space as needed and theoretically, you won't need a new backup set. However, if the Catalog file is corrupt, grooming won't work correctly. You may want to rebuild your backup set from disk to make sure it's a functional catalog file again and then look at expanding the backup set size if you have more space that you can dedicate to it.

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