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Restore in 7.7 runs, but no files restored


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I am trying to restore files from a version 6.5 backup using version 7.7. Both the 6.5 and 7.7 versions were registered.


I can find all the the files, select directories or individual files to restore. All seems well. When the restore starts it finishes immediately and says it is completed, but no files are written to the restore destination.


Nothing in help file seems to address this problem. Where can I get info about what is wrong?


TIA for your help,


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I have exactly the same problem. The files I want show in the catalog; the file sizes seem correct; when I click to restore to the destination, a directory with the current date is created but it is empty. Recreating the catalog from disk does not help.



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I was able to resolve the problem  - I think the issue was due to two things - 1) I had not yet updated windows 7 to sp1 and I ran a verify media on my catalog file (not sure that was the right thing to do) - i didn't run the whole thing because it would have taken hours - but after that was done I was able to restore things as desired. I also contacted Retrospect support and they recommended I repair the catalog file. 
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