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Rebuild operation causes GUI and engine to stop responding

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Earlier today, I had my backup storage (firewire disks) configured from the Retro engine ( as AFP shares, with the backup sets (files) on the share. I had a 6.1 set that I had rebuilt partially - because I had to interrupt it. The set was about 100 GB, and I wanted it to "finish". Just for grins, I decided to try "rebuild on the set without removing/forggetting the partially rebuilt v9 media set.


When I navigated the "rebuild" dialog, selected the 100 GB 6.1 set, and clicked on "rebuild", the dialog did not go away. I waited several minutes, and it still did not go away. Thinking this a bug in the GUI, I did force quit on the GUI, only to find that I could not re-connect to the engine.


I checked on the engine. It was clearly still running, but it's hard to tell what it's doing without the console.


I let it run a while, thinking that a little patience was appropriate. I was insufficiently patient, tho, and tried to stop the engine.


The retro preference panel would not do it. I could click, and the button would not change.


Checking on ps -ax, I found that several "launchctl unload" commands were pending on RetroEngine.


I killed Retrospect Engine, (kill pid) and restarted it.


To my chagrin, whatever it had been doing it started doing again as soon as I restarted the engine, becasue the engine was clearly busy, but the console would not connect.


I freed up the console/engine by causing the AFP share with the set being rebuilt to be unavailable. (I killed the engine again, unmounted it on the server, and restarted the engine)


Clearly there is some long-running operation that happens when you click "rebuild" that happens *before* it gets spawned off to a thread, and made async. I think that is suboptimal.

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