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volume/file selection dialog is incorrect, and unstable

Don Lee

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When Retro presents me with a dialog of volumes, I have noticed that sometimes the display is wrong. It also changes in the way it is wrong. The picture enclosed shows one way it messes up.




Note that this machine has an internal disk, and 3 external FireWire drives. One of the FW drives shows up as a subdirectory under "Macintosh HD" rather than at the top level. I have also seen volumes show up in ".Trashes".


Unfortunately, this is not stable. It only happens sometimes, and I don't know what triggers it.

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Another example of the file dialog being funky - Retro, Mac OS X 10.6.8 Picture enclosed. Note the yellow icons for firewire disks, the blue ones with the squiggles for network disks. They should all be at "top level", but in this case, some are down a couple of levels in the hierarchy.


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