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Console confusion and crash with multiple engines and tunnel

Don Lee

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The console gets confused and crashes in the following scenario. It's obscure.


I have 3 Retro installations. One is local, and two are remote, behind NAT. I get access to the remote installs via an ssh tunnel to a local "firewall" machine. Because Retro does not allow me to specify the port number of the connection from Console->engine, I "share" the IP and only connect one remote engine at a time. The local engine stays connected because it is on a local, accessible machine.


When I connect the console to a remote machine, I set up the ssh tunnel, and connect Retro to the proxy/tunnel machine. If I kill that tunnel, and start up the tunnel to the other remote machine, the console loses its connection to the first engine, and establishes to the second remote engine.


The trouble starts on that second "tunneled" connection.


The left sidebar picks up the name of the engine, and puts the little "lock" symbol up. I have to double-click the lock to get the console to request a password. When I enter the password, the local machine loses its "activities", "past backups", etc. It is reduced to a single icon. The second remote machine picks up the new name, but never displays its sub-parts. I soon get a SPOD and the console hangs, being hard to kill.


When I restart the console, it works fine.

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