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Multiple Members from Same NAS to Same Disk Set

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*sigh* Here is another bug from Retrospect 8.2 that is not fixed in Retrospect 9.0.1


It is described in this posting


Retrospect refuses to use a second AFP-mounted share from the same NAS IP address as a second member of a Disk Media Set.


I have tried with two different (Buffalo) NAS units on different IP addresses with the same results. The filesystems mount fine as Sources, but Retrospect always gives the message This disk is already a member of this media set .


I'm going to try the SMB "give each NAS share a different username" workaround, but I shall do so with a facial aspect of stern disapproval.


I will also report as a bug to Retro support when I get a chance.

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I reported this to Retrospect Support and they said that they could not reproduce the problem with their NAS. However, they did not have have either a Buffalo or an Iomega to test it with. They didn't mention

what flavor of NAS their test system was. They will forward it to QA to try to reproduce.


I tried to reproduce the problem using another OSX server as the source of the shares, and I found interestingly that if the shares were from the same volume on the source OSX server, Retrospect would fail to add the second Member, with the same message. If the shares were from different volumes on the source OSX server, Retrospect would be happy to use them for a multi-Member Media Set.


I wanted to ask if there are other Retrospect 9.0.1 users who are backing up to NAS shares who would be willing to test this with their systems so that I can compile a list. I don't want this Support Request to go into the COD (Customer on Drugs) Queue. I can provide very specific instructions to reproduce the problem.

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