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Strategy/versions for back up of mixed OSX and Windows 7 network

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Dear all,


New to retrospect and trying to find whether it is suitable for what we want but mostly what actual flavour of the application/client is required.


Looking at back up strategy and find that there are so many options even within the retrospect offer, so wondered if someone can help me by advising what versions I need. (Can't seem to find any diagrams anywhere)


Currently we have:


have 4 macs:


Intel Imac (lion), Intel Mac (snow leopard), PowerMac (leopard), PowerMac (leopard) - this one has external drive dock for backup drives.


have 4 pc's:


All have windows 7 home edition, but only one is a user machine that needs system back up, the others just process so don't really need backup.


Other machines, mac or PC may be replaced or added to in future.


We wanted to run retrospect on one machine ...........ideally the old powermac as it does nothing else, but I think retrospect is only intel now, so we are likely to move it to the Intel Mac if advised that is best. Then have clients windows and mac as needed and back up to the drive dock hard drives.


Each user we'd like to have an image of for restoring each system, user data and applications if it were to crash, perhaps dedicating a drive bay for those systems. But all project work would be kept separate and backed up, saved and achived separately....... if that all makes sense.


Can one buy the retrospect 9 for 5 clients (for mac or PC whichever people here advise) and then just add 5 clients for PC? Or does one have to buy both Mac and Windows version for 5 clients and then just use those clients (Sorry online shop is not expactly clear - it just has mac parts listed in the mac section and pc parts listed in the pc section and no reference as to whether they interchange re client behaviour and versions). Or have I got it worng altogether and a server flavour is required? Then if so, what is needed for purchase to achieve the above mixed environment?


Thanks in advance

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