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Error: different creation date/time

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Hello All,


I have been experiencing these execution errors in the log. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue? Is it affecting the backup?


different modify date/time

different creation date/time



*File "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AVG2012\log\avgsched.log": different modify date/time (set: 3/12/12 8:51:00 PM, vol: 3/12/12 9:06:00 PM)


*File "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AVG2012\Chjw\1cb617b0b6178982\avgcchff.dat": different creation date/time (set: 3/12/12 8:05:59 PM, vol: 3/12/12 9:05:59 PM)

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Sounds (maybe) like a daylight savings time difference on the Windows client side with the AVG files? (I don't have AVG on my windows clients, so I couldn't confirm/deny this supposition...)


That's a guess -- especially if the problem only started since Sunday.

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The creation date difference looks like it's related to DST.


The modification date difference looks like it occurred in a file that is frequently modified.


If, while a backup is in progress, a file is modified (or if the computer clock is changed) between the time the file was backed up and when it was compared, this type of error will be logged. Such errors are no cause for concern.


Files that are frequently modified, such as log files, often do not need to be backed up. If that's the case, you could always use a rule that will exclude the relevant files from the backup. Only you can decide whether reducing the number of such error messages (and presumably saving a bit of space on your backup media) is worth the hassle of writing the rule.

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