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how to fix Startup Item RetroRun

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Hello, I was trouble-shooting something else and moved the file RetroRun from StartupItems to another folder (disabled StartupItems); after I finished my troubleshooting, I moved it back and receive this message on starting up my Mac Pro running OS10.6.8:

Insecure Startup Item disabled.

"/Library/StartupItems/RetroRun" has not been started because it does note have the proper security settings.


How do I fix this? I can just uninstall and then reinstall Retrospect 8 but don't want to lose my scripts, sources, etc. Running Retrospect 8.2.0 (399).

Advice much appreciated. thanks

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RetroRun was a process used back with Retrospect 6.1 and earlier. Whatever the reason for your error message (Retrospect 6.1 and earlier is unsupported after OS 10.5.x, which may well be the issue), it should have absolutely no effect on Retrospect 8. I would just trash that startup item.

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The other issue is that the retrospect engine won't run.

What do you mean by this? That you can start the engine process from its preference pane but then it quits/crashes? Or that it won't start at all?


Reinstalling the engine should not affect your scripts, source lists, etc.--which are stored at /Library/Application\ Support/Retrospect/Config80.dat--unless you specifically follow the instructions for removing the configuration data when running the Uninstall script. However, to be safe, it's always wise to create a backup copy of this file somewhere so that you can go back to it if/when the Config80.dat file becomes corrupted. (Note that Retrospect regularly creates and replaces its own backup copy called Config80.bak. However, this is not the same thing as creating your own copy, since it's likely that by the time you notice trouble, Retrospect's backup copy will already contain the same corrupt data that's in Config80.dat.)

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