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Prevent remote backup


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I need to prevent remote users from backing up. They connect various ways via home internet, public internet, and cellular modem.


What I would like to do is only let them backup when they are on our internal network but this is slightly complicated by the fact they sometimes use a vpn into our network. I'm not sure where to look for the information.


We are using 7.6 clients.



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We're using 7.7 clients, but I don't see any real difference between 7.6 and 7.7. If VPN users are on the same subnet as your server, there's probably not much you can do to prevent them from backing up since Retrospect appears to be subnet aware. However, if they are on a different subnet, I've found that backups only run when the user initiates them by using the "run as soon as possible" option from the client. In this particular scenario, you could restrict the users ability to run a self-initiated backup by not allowing them to use the "run as soon as possible" option. You would do this by opening up their particular backup script, expanding "Proactive Backup" and selecting "Interval". From there, disable the option to "Allow early backup".


Alternatively, if users have a work schedule where they will be in the office on particular days, you can create a Retrospect script for them that will only run on those specific days during business hours on those particular days.


From what I've seen those seem to be the only available options within the software itself.

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