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Retrospect 8 not responding

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we have a retrospect 8 on a mac server. it never works. when its launched it doesn't display anything in the activites. i have to restart retrospect 3 or even more times to get it working. once its up, if i go to add a script it just freezes.


have reinstalled it but no joy.

Retrospect 8 consists of two applications: Retrospect Engine, which performs the actual work, and Retrospect console, which is the front end access to the Engine. Both applications are affected by the information and parameters stored in the file Config80.dat (and its backup, Config80.bak), located at /Library/Application Support/Retrospect. Retrospect Engine ("RetroEngine") is a root process accessed by a preference pane in System Preferences; the console ("Retrospect") is launched as with any ordinary application.


In my experience, Retrospect 8 console rarely communicates completely with the engine, even in the best of circumstances. It takes awhile (up to a few minutes) before it's populated with data, and often something is missing, such as the constituent members of a media set, which the engine knows perfectly well about.


If you have thus far been unable to do anything with Retrospect, there won't be anything to report under Recent Activities. I would completely uninstall Retrospect, including the console and engine, as well as the Config80.dat and Config80.bak files, and then reinstall the applications.


If you continue to have problems, please include more details about your hardware and software setup. Retrospect 8 is quirky and requires much more hands on intervention and tinkering than its predecessor, Retrospect 6.1, but most of us have been able to get it to function in some reasonable way.

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